Glossary of Terms

As new terms become important they will be added here.

Midlorr: The name of the planet in which the Godspell is hidden. Comprised of three, separate continent-realms including Drm, Linscend, and Oriund.

Continent-realm: A designation for continents between which natural travel is impossible. There are three known continent-realms on Midlorr: Drm, Linscend, and Oriund. Each has its own pantheon of gods. The Godspell unites all three. It is unknown how beings may travel between the three continent-realms but this will eventually be accomplished during the Great Reckoning.

Drm: The smallest of the three continent-realms of the planet Midlorr. This is the realm from which the Keeper of the Seven Spheres will emerge.

Godspell, The: The source of all Existence and Reality, the Godspell is the total sum of the True God that destroyed itself in order to allow true freedom to its creations. Divided into three parts, the Godspell is comprised of the Seven Spheres (the Power of God), the Seven Oracles (the Mind of God), and the Seven Scrolls (the Word of God). It is the acquisition of the Godspell that has fueled the course of Midlorr’s unified history. The Godspell will be “cast” by the legendary Keeper of the Seven Spheres during the Great Reckoning, ending Creation as it currently exists.

Saldra: The deific pantheon of Midlorr. According the Cilidian, the Saldra all hate each other and this hatred forced them to divide into three separate camps after the Clash of Spirits and the crafting of the Pact of Dominance. The camps and their respective continent-realms are: the Aldra for Drm, the Drala for Oriund, and the Sala for Linscend.

Aldra: The pantheon of gods that hold sway over the continent-realm of Drm. There are currently 25 Aldra.

Pact of Dominance, The: A law agreed upon by the Saldra dictating that no god may set foot on Midlorr. “Drafted” during the Clash of Spirits, the intent of the Pact is to keep any Saldra from acquiring the Godspell. It also forced the three pantheons, the Aldra, the Drala, and the Sala, from interfering with each other’s continent-realms

Cilidian: This holy book of unknown origin is used by the Sages and referred to by many wizards and priests. The Cilidian recounts what many Sages believe to be the true creation of Midlorr. It also addresses the nature of the gods and is the source of the belief in the Great Reckoning and other apocalyptic prophecies. Although no one church truly believes in the Cilidian since its writings suggest that the no one god is entirely independent of their worshippers (much less each other), none are willing to completely discount the power of the Cilidian’s messages.

Glossary of Terms

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