The town of Shearspine is relatively old as far as Worm’s Wood locales go. For a long time it has been one of the few Worm Wodd Towns independent of the largest city in the Wood, Eselix. Shearspine has been ruled in the past by wealthy noble families and knights who shared their power with less powerful vassals. Self-sufficient and independent, Shearspine rarely involved itself with its neighboring towns, like Broadbend and Overgold, although it produced a great deal of the fur and milk trade for the Woods making it powerful and self sufficient.

Long ago the town fell under the control of Ysgreni Daggerclaw, when he used the Raider’s of the Worm’s Wood (thiefs guild) to assassinate the leader at the time Lord Greymoon. This put the town under the control of the church of Ostensis the Bloodletter, Goddess of blood and murder. Ysgreni increased Shearspine’s isolation, brutally punished any and all crimes or threats to his rule, and placed his family as the religious leaders of the church in Shearspine, the Ostensi symbology resembled Ausarii enough for his clerics to hide in plain sight.

Ysgreni allowed only a few of the local landowners to retain ownership, but only authorizing them to trade with him while he in turn trades with other towns. In essence, Ysgreni has made prisoners of his people and now he’s prepared to use them to his own ends. This went on for some time until a band of rag tag adventures drawn to the Wood’s mysterious locations happened upon the town. Hoping to use the town as a stopping point on the way into the heart of the woods several of them could not allow the evil they saw to persist.

Ysgreni had been using the people of the town to gather strength and the blood of 13 children to perform the “Ritual of Blood” and turn himself into a Vampire. As the group discovered this they made every effort to put an end to his evil plans. In doing so they caused a power vacuum in the town since the previous lords family were all dead. The group would choose then stay in the town and use it as their base for the next several years. Whle their they would help in building up the town again, strenghting its defenses, and helping its people.

Eventually the group would move on from Shearspine as its people were strong and able to fend for themselves, however the group left a permanent mark on the township in many ways. Due to the groups makeup, Shearspine unlike many other townships in the Wood is very diverse in terms of religion, inhabitants race, and customs. The largest church is one to the Goddess Nemeria, although there are smaller churches to Celzar, Lanira, Thore Mire. The people of Shearspine do not have a lord or Knight as ruler but are governed by a Council of Elders elected by all adults within the townships reach.

For hundreds of years now it seems as though the town were protected by ancient and powerful wards as very little evil reached its door. The people of the town have grown acustomed to see travelers walk around the outside of the towns or have traveling parties split up as some members would choose not to enter. The town has prospered greatly over the past few hundred years is one of the strongest townships within the Wood.


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