The First Ones

The Aulspawn:
There are many creatures in Drm that long preceded dwarves, elves, sapiens, and the other humen races. Some were once so mighty that they controlled the entire world and challenged the power of the Saldra. These beings are known as the aulspawn as they are said, according to the Cilidian, to have sprung directly from Aul, Father of the Saldra. There are vying and contradicting stories regarding how Aul created the aulspawn. One Cilidian tale states that the aulspawn were created as the guardians of Midlorr, a world he stumbled into on his journeys across the Cosmos. Another story says that the aulspawn were the result of Aul’s dreams and nightmares. However, the favored story states that Aul created the aulspawn in anger and wrath. Weary of the infighting among the Saldra, Aul forced them to sign the Pact of Dominance and end their constant Clash and struggles for The Godspell. However, the greatest of the Saldra attacked their Father in retaliation for his decree. With a single strike, Aul laid his unruly children low, but not before they drew blood. This blood mixed with destroyed Saldra essence and fell to Midlorr. Out ofthe blood and death rose the aulspawn. Whatever the origin of the aulspawn, it is clear that they are the most powerful beings in Midlorr and have had a significant impact on the history of Drm. Some sages contend that some may well have possessed cosmic power. Only the learned are familiar with the term “aulspawn,” and only a few are familiar with the wide variety among their number. The best known aulspawn are certainly the dragons. However, there are other aulspawn races that, while not as mighty as dragons, far surpass the power of all but the greatest mortals. Irudyte, kran, repyn, saldrash, soulestra, and zar stand alongside dragons as the eldest children of Midlorr.

The greatest and oldest of the aulspawn. Individually, dragons are the most powerful and dangerous beings in Drm. Fortunately, they are few in number and lack any sense of racial unity. In the Cilidian, it is said that dragons gained the majority of Aul’s cosmic potency; thus, they are the most holistically empowered of the races of Drm as well as the most independent. Although they once ruled Drm, their fractious ways and arrogance allowed the other aulspawn to unite against them, shattering their control. Dragons have met other defeats over the ages. The greatest of their kind, Tasler the Radiant (also known as the Dragon King) was killed by a mortal hero, Fortens the Founder. And, although they would later destroy the empire Fortens founded during the Dragonhold, the majority of dragons were annihilated near the end of the event by the Lost Emperor of Vhendimmoth, Sycolthor the Grand. It is believed that there are fewer than 100 dragons remaining in the continent-realm. However, there are some dragons so ancient that their essences are marked across the souls of humenity. They are known as the Named Ones and upon hearing the names or seeing these creatures, humens and other mortal creatures instantly know their deeds, histories, and powers. There are at least 20 Named Ones in Drm. The Named Ones, having once united to lay low Sycolthor the Grand, will come together again during the Great Reckoning.

The mysterious irudyte were incorporeal monstrosities with powerful minds and the will to dominate the world around them. They are traditionally held as the second oldest of the aulspawn races. Driven to conquest, the irudyte had the ability to wipe out another’s self-will and sentience, creating entire armies of soulless, mindless slaves to do their bidding. The irudyte were defeated by the saldrash; further, the saldrash all but eliminated the entire race, finding their abilities too great. Surviving irudyte were locked away in the Lands Below or else banished to the continent-realm of Linscend. The Cilidian warns that they will return to Drm during the Great Reckoning to gain vengeance against the saldrash by slaughtering their
children, humenity.

Great powers of the seas, the kran were once saldrash that exiled themselves from the conflicts of the other aulspawn. Utterly devoted to the oceans they claim to rule, the kran are believed to maintain huge underwater empires that rarely interact with the surface of Drm. The Cilidian states that the kran did not perceive the saldrash as foes, but will be dragged into the conflicts of the Great Reckoning.

The deadly repyn were creatures of anarchy and self-will. They cared nothing for the concerns or desires of others, not even members of their own race. Among the last of the aulspawn, the repyn were the saldrash’s greatest enemies due to their impressive numbers and ability to replicate themselves with the bodies of their dead or the dead of others. The Cilidian does not reveal how the repyn were defeated; however, sages and scholars believe that the repyn were so strong that they could neither be destroyed nor banished beneath the world of Midlorr. Some believe that they were cast into the Realms Beyond where they could be the problem of other beings. Although the Cilidian does not indicate whether or not the repyn will return, it is believed that at least a few have and can be found in the Chain of Burquebain where they have apparently been relatively quiet for thousands of years.

The best known of the aulspawn and the creators of the humen races, the saldrash were the wisest and most unified of Aul’s children. Possessing near divine powers and attributes, they were nevertheless challenged by the other aulspawn and by factions within their race. Although all the saldrash were not good, they all believed that they were guardians of the world and that they and they alone had the right to possess The Godspell. After the Aulspawn War that overthrew the dragons, and the Saldrash War that resulted in the defeat of the remaining aulspawn races and saldrash factions, the saldrash would seek out the Seven Spheres. Traveling to Arxth Maximmuth, the highest mountain in Drm, the saldrash used the Spheres and portions of their own being to create the humen races. It is unknown how long the saldrash remained with their creations, but eventually in this prehistory, the saldrash collected the rest of The Godspell components and used them to ascend into another reality of being, leaving the world in the hands of their creations. Scattered across the Desolate South of Drm are ruins that attributed to the saldrash. To date, few have returned from these ruins and those that have either returned mad or refuse to speak of their experiences.

Humen Races:
1) Chirpto
2) Duruban
3) Elves
4) Gnomes
5) Hobgoblins
6) Kin
7) Sapiens

Soulestra: The most numerous and weakest of the aulspawn, the soulestra are a non-unified group of creatures that were either mutated from existed animals and beasts or else created whole-cloth from Aul’s blood. The likes of aboleths, griffons, pegasi, unicorns, umber hulks, and so-forth are among the soulestra.

The First Ones

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