The phrase “Under the Crown and in the Chain” (“Under the Crown for short”) refers to locations south of the massive mountain range, the Crown of Burquebain and locations east of the sister range, the Chain of Burquebain. Most of recorded Drmian history has revolved around this region. Indeed, beyond the Crown of the north and past the Chain in the west, very little is known about civilization. The Dwarves of Burquebain have kept their attentions to their neighbors and enemies in the south and, to the knowledge of historians, they have rarely if ever, ventured into the Froden Norv. A little bit more is known of the lands west of the Chain of Burquebain, particularly the northeast regions of the Great Kharsis Desert. In this area are the great and fabled lands of Klm and Nym; trade between these lands and the Lands Under the Crown has proved profitable for both sides. Still, what lies in the Great Kharsis Desert and beyond is largely unknown to the people of Klm and unfathomable to those Under the Crown.

The list that follows highlights the greatest nations and locations Under the Crown. Most of these areas are known by the dominant geographical structure, usually mountains, hills, forests, rivers, and valleys. Despite the distance between the Burquebain in the far north and Evelyn’s Port in the far south, most people in the Twelfth Age are at least marginally aware of the names of these locations. The list follows largely from the north to the south. The dominant race is also notated (Kender will not be found on the list since they are nomadic in nature).

The Crown of Burquebain
The Republic of Burquebain: Dwarves
Xyl: Sapiens
Cholis: Sapiens
The Duchies of Ugran: Hobgoblins
Irprethe: Chirpto
Shry: Chirpto
The Kingdoms of K’Rystas: Elves (Grey)

The Zalphan Sea
Ashtur: Sapien
Asnan: Sapien
Horlans: Sapien
Pyrama: Sapien
Tysunis: Sapien
Karnasis: Sapien

The Zalphan Forest

The Kingdoms of Z’Ythral: Elves (Drow)
The Kingdoms of L’Istona: Elves (Drow and Wild)
The Kingdoms of Sal T’Alimar: Elves (High and Wood)
The Great Grove: Gnomes
The Under Sar: Gnomes

The Vast

The Lands of the Pact: Duruban, Hobgoblins, and Sapien
The Kingdoms of Vaprath: Hobgoblins
The Curoborian Empire: Duruban

The Wynding River Valley

Mandl: Every race but dominated by Sapien
Valdeze: Sapien
Bainland: Sapien
The B’Ain Enclave: Elves (High) and Sapien
Quasii: Sapien
Darco: Duruban
Sal-Fyortuna: Sapien
Brond: Sapien
Sambs: Sapien

Wyrmspine and Worm’s Wood

The B’Ain of Wyrmspine Hills: Elves (Wood)
The A’Grabath of Wyrmspine Hills: Elves (Wild)
The Green Glade: Gnomes
Eselix: Sapien
Hidden Haven: Gnomes
Wyrmwood: Sapien
Carthron: Sapien
Pristine Springs: Gnomes
The Worm’s Tooth Towns: Sapien
Due to their prolific nature, the towns will be notated separately
1. Alidost
2. Blackscale
3. Broadbend
4. Nevergreen
5. Overgold
6. Shearspine
7. Wormshaven
8. Wyrms Vale

Agrabathor Jungle

The Lands of the Ma’el Kith Ken: A strange race of half-elves

The Golden Plains

Yahilli: Sapien
Sal-Aldrannat: Sapien
Evelyn’s Keep: Sapien and Half-Elves
Bagwin: Sapien
Evelyn’s Airy: Sapien
Mordrain’s Keep: Sapien
Evelyn’s Port: Sapien


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